INTRODUCTION:-Yeast infections, also known as candidiasis, is a fungal infection which is more prominent in women than in men. The fungus which causes yeast infection is known as Candida Albicans. This fungus is present in small quantities on the skin especially, in the crotch of both, men and women. They cause yeast infection, when they multiply hugely.
CAUSES:-Yeast infections are more commonly caused by Candida albicans, a type of yeast that can be found in the human intestinal tract. Recurrent yeast infections can be associated with medications like, antibiotics, steroids and birth control pills. Women with diabetes are also vulnerable to Candidiasis .
SYMPTOMS:-Creamy white appearance on the tongue and inside the mouth, Pain and bleeding in gums, Difficulty in swallowing, Pain and itching in genitals, Irritability, Burning sensation ,Pain and disorders in vision (infection in eye) ,Blood in urine (infection in kidneys) ,Blood in sputum (infection in lungs) ,Damage to valves (infection in heart) ,Seizures (infection in the brain).
DIAGNOSIS: -The only definitive way to diagnose a vaginal yeast infection is to complete a full gynecologic exam. Diagnosis is generally made based on the typical appearance of the candidiasis sores, vaginal discharge or other symptoms and a history of factors that make a yeast infection likely. Diagnostic testing may include taking a small sample or swab of the infected area and examining it under a microscope to confirm an overgrowth of yeast.
TREATMENT:-As yeast infections are caused due to fungus, anti-fungal medications are the best and the most effective medications. There are several anti-fungal medications that can be gotten over-the-counter and can help in getting rid of genital as well as oral thrush. Medications like fluconazole, optical nystatin, topical ketocanozole, Miconazole – Monistat – derm, Monistat vaginal. Tioconazole – Vagistat vaginal. Butoconazole – Femstat. Clotrimazole – Femizole 7, Gyne – Lotrimin are some of the widely used drugs for yeast infection cure. One can also go for prescription creams and suppositories and also home remedies like yoghurt, garlic, Apple cider vinegar, Tea tree oil to get rid of the symptoms of yeast infection. However, most of the medications provide temporary relief and fail in prevention of frequent yeast infections.
PREVENTION:-The best way to prevent recurrent yeast infections is to make some dietary changes such as, avoidance of sugar, sugary foods and yeast-containing foods. You can also consider following a yeast free diet to get rid of this condition. Keeping the genital area clean and dry, avoiding tight fitting Clothes and undergarments and drinking plenty of water throughout the day can prove helpful in this regard. However, be sure to inform your physician if the infection persists even after using the home remedies, and taking all possible preventive measures.

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