About Us

CliniLife is an innovative, knowledge and technology-driven Clinical Informatics Services & Training Provider (CIST)and clinical research training institute providing a wide range of clinical research training solutions to the students, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and healthcare companies. Our experience, programs and process bring a new dimension to clinical research, allowing our clients to incorporate an information strategy into the design and management of clinical research studies in all phases. CliniLife provides high quality data management, Biostatistics and SAS programming services for the clinical research studies. We understand the demands of an increasingly competitive research market mould us time to time according to the company needs. 
CliniLife was established in the year 2003 by a group of highly innovative clinical research and pharmaceutical professionals who have been educated in European countries and USA and have a high level experience. Company was set up with the objective to offer training solutions in the field of clinical research, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. CliniLife today is one of the top institutes in the clinical research education and training domain. 
                    CliniLife Research Labs is a Clinical research organization that takes care of the clinical data outsourced from the clinical trial. Clinical Data Management is emerging area to build strong career for all life science graduates. CliniLife has come up with a unique program for aspiring professionals willing to pursue a career in Clinical Data Management, Data Analytics/ Biostatistics. The CDM Course is a comprehensive package dealing with Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management and Data Analysis thereby giving you a good knowledge in all the three areas. The CDM course is for Science and Pharmacy post graduates/graduates. The program is currently held at our Hyderabad & Chennai training facility. The training program aims to provide a career path for professionals from Life Sciences and Statistics background.