Aldosterone and Renin : labtest

Why Get Tested?
To determine if your aldosterone and renin levels are abnormal
When to Get Tested?
When you develop features associated with increased aldosterone production, such as elevated blood pressure, muscle weakness, and low potassium
Sample Required?
A blood sample drawn from a vein in your arm or a 24-hour urine sample; sometimes blood from the renal or adrenal veins is also collected.

How is it used?
Aldosterone and renin tests are used to evaluate whether appropriate amounts of aldosterone are being produced and to distinguish between the potential causes of excess or deficiency. Aldosterone may be measured in the blood or in a 24-hour urine sample; renin is always measured in blood. These tests are most useful in screening for primary hyperaldosteronism, also known as Conn's syndrome, which causes high blood pressure. If the screening test is positive, aldosterone production may be further evaluated through the use of stimulation and suppression testing.
Both aldosterone and renin levels are highest in the morning and vary throughout the day. They are affected by a person's position, by stress, and by a variety of prescribed medications.

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